All about Tooth Extractions

The Dentist and staff at RM Dentistry - Richmond Hill Dentist make it their number one priority to care for their patients. We are using the latest technology and oral health initiatives. This includes keeping your mouth free of diseases and preserving your original teeth. But unfortunate sometime you or your child may need a tooth to be removed. This can be due to teeth overcrowding, damage,a stubborn baby tooth or something else.

Tooth Extraction

Don’t be afraid of tooth extraction just relax!!! Tooth extraction is usually a routine procedure. The difficulty depends upon the location of the tooth that is being removed. For eg:- a tooth in front has a single straight root and it is easier to remove whereas a molar in the back that has several roots and it bit difficult to remove.

You may have not noticed, but your teeth are only attached to your jaw bone with fibers that can carefully be loosened to free the tooth.

Post Extraction care

Extraction is not an uncommon experience a little discomfort will be there,this is quite normal and should ease with a week or so. You might have to take some medication during this time frame . There are several things that you need avoid during the recovery period they are as follow :-

Smoking :- It is advised against smoking due to number of reasons ,not the least increased risk of gum diseases . If you are smoker we will advise you not smoke for the next 24 hours after the extraction . Smoking restricts blood flow in the area of the procedure and as result of this healing will slow down and this can increase risk of infection .

Don’t Poke the specific area :- we know it is tempting to see how it feels by prodding the socket with your tongue . But this may well dislodge the blood clot that is formed and cause further bleeding .

Use Salted water :- Make a solution of warm and salted water . This helps to keep the area clean and infection free .

When do you need a teeth extraction ?

Tooth extraction is dental procedure where a tooth that is causing pain and problem is removed from its place of bone . There are a number of reasons why a dentist may recommend teeth extractions, with the most common one being severe decay.Teeth that are severely decayed can become infected, and may result in a great deal of pain and swelling. Extremely decayed teeth cannot be filled, which is why they must be removed. When a tooth is impacted,this stops it from growing out normally most dentists will recommend wisdom teeth removal. It is also used to make room in the mouth for proper tooth alignments and braces and at last the doctor will recommend it if your teeth are badly damaged and impossible to repair.

At RM Dentistry your Richmond hill dentist we will do everything we can to save a patient’s natural tooth where this is viable.Where it is not,or where the prognosis for the tooth is very poor, it may be necessary to remove it. We have an experienced team of Dentists who will always do all that we can do to make the procedure as comfortable as possible .If you have any questions about tooth extraction we are here for you. Please give us a call for a no obligation free consultation.