Looking for Orthodontics?

We treat all dental problems related to the teeth and jaws, making facial harmony and the needs of our patients are our priority. If you wish to improve your smile along with the confidence, we can help to give a straight, harmonious smile and a great bite.

Don’t know what is orthodontics? Orthodontics is a field of dentistry dedicated services to treating the development of the teeth, as well as the face and jaws, to ensure your mouth and jaw are aligned and work properly. We deal with the detection, prevention, and treatment of dental and jaw deformities. If the upper and lower jaws do not harmoniously fit together, and the teeth are crooked, they look not only unattractive but can also have serious health consequences. Lack of space in the jaw, resulting in crowded teeth can be the development of periodontal disease and the function of chewing, biting and breathing can also be considerably complicated.

Why us?

We aim of orthodontic treatment to optimize the functionality of the chewing and to create an attractive aesthetic appearance. We are experienced, offer practical and proven solutions at affordable prices.

When should you go to the orthodontist?

The success of your orthodontist treatment depends largely on the right time of the start of treatment. With early treatment of yours and children, the subsequent orthodontic treatment can also be simplified and shortened.

Visit us and we will advise you to take an examination, accordingly, we manage all orthodontic systems and advise you on the best treatment options for your needs. If you are interested in lingual treatment or if you are looking for something personalized or more will help you to give great solutions accordingly. In our orthodontic practice, we offer you the entire spectrum of modern orthodontics and treat functionally impairing malocclusions, but also aesthetic tooth corrections are an integral part of our practice. In our orthodontic specialist dental practice, we offer not only the treatment of children but also the treatment of adults. No matter at which age patients seek our practice for orthodontics: after intensive personal consultation, our treatments are individually tailored to the personal wishes and needs of each patient.